Reclaimed Furniture From India

Rescued, reclaimed, reinvented…


Fall in love with our reclaimed items: Rather than add to the depletion of natural resources, we utilize old railroad timbers, boats, furniture, houses, doors and windows. Each item is reclaimed and reinvented. This adds character and principle to what would otherwise be a simple piece of furniture – turning it into a work of art.

Our reclaimed items are created from sustainably certified wood to help protect the world’s forests. All parts of our reclaimed furniture are handcrafted, right down to the hardware and hinges, by skilled craftsman using ancient techniques.

Every piece of Indian furniture purchased, empowers Indian girls. $10 from the sale of all Indian-made furniture will go to The Shadhika Foundation whose mission is to invest in the education, empowerment, and economic self-sufficiency of girls in India in order to change India’s future.