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Vintage Hindu God Hanuman and Shiva Print in Wood Frame

Referred to in India as “god photographs”, colorful mass-produced images of the Hindu gods are seen everywhere – on rickshaws and bicycles, nailed to tree shrines, on the dashboards of taxis and in Hindu homes and tea shops. Hung with marigolds and viewed through incense, worshipers believe the pictures are instrumental in achieving darshan, or direct contact with the divine.

The images pictured are the Hindu gods Hanuman and Shiva. Hanuman is a celibate god, who represents strength, divinity, courage and devotion. Shiva is known as the “Destroyer" or “Transformer" and is the patron god of yoga and the arts.

This vintage devotional artwork has gone through many monsoons (with months of humidity), so it has some staining and discoloration, along with dings in the frame, that come with daily use and age.


  • Construction Materials: Wood, Paper & Glass
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Dimensions: 11"W x 15"H
  • Model Number: WL-B039-A


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